Don't Give Up

Dear friends,

It takes alot to get over something like trichotillomania but I really believe its possible to overcome it with the right help. One of the biggest fears I had when dealing with my personal trich issues was if I was going to relapse and pull more hair out. More specifically, I knew that it would always lead to a situation where I would have one massive moment of relapse where alot of hair pulling would occur. It wasnt so much a constant thing but more a giant crash and burn every few days. This would then cause me horrible depression because my biggest issue was pulling my eyebrow hair and eyelashes out. I am a guy who usually keeps his hair short so this was always a major problem for me because I had no way of hiding it, no hats, no bandanas, just there for everyone to see.

I feel like the core issue many people have is that once they start, they cant stop. This was my big problem. I would feel that because I pulled even one hair out, another had to come out and I would constantly touch the area where I had pulled hair from and continue to find "scraggly" hair. It wasnt for a while that i realized my guilt for pulling even one hair was causing me to continously try and "feel" where the missing hair used to be which in turn was causing me to pull more hair out to almost even out the area I had messed up in a way. I would get to a point where I would believe that because I pulled even a couple hairs out, I was going all the way back to the start of my trich nigtmare. This would cause me to feel like I would never get over my trichotillomania problems and I would almost give up and the hair pulling would worsen. It was a nightmarish cycle of small ups and massive, depressing downs. :-(

My problem was that I was always looking at trichotillomania as this horrible monster that I would never defeat. No matter how hard I tried, I would always fall back to my old ways. But a very good friend/doctor of mine gave me some of the best advice I have ever been given.

He said, "Zaid, the only thing holding you back from getting over your issues is yourself." He was right.....I was causing my problems to get worse, nothing else was. Dont worry about how you look, dont worry about one out of place hair, dont worry about how long it will take to get better, dont worry about "what if". All of those kind of thoughts will never benefit you.

I know how it feels, the feeling/urge you get right before you pull a hair out. It is almost irresistable. But the thing is, that feeling dies down after a little time. At first when you decide to leave that hair you so desperately wanted to pull out alone, you may feel a horrible urge to just pull the hair out and get it over with but just remember, you dont need to. There is no life or death situation going on if you dont pull that annoying hair out. The urge WILL subside. Try and replace the devastating emotions that come along with suffering from trichotillomania with better ones. Remember that you are strong and trich is merely all in your head. When you feel like pulling, relax, breathe and remember that that irresistable urge will slowly fade. Don't worry, be happy :-) Its not the end of the world.

Horseshoe727 Horseshoe727
22-25, M
Apr 26, 2012