Is it really so hard to understand that I cannot stop. Am I really so depressed that I have to be threatened and beaten and shaved and... I am so angry. I CANNOT stop. And my parents think that taking away my hats, or making me transfer schools will do any good. I have had this since I was five, and now I'm fifteen. I am a master of disguise, a spy. Double agent is the better word. Because I had the skills to hide this until two months ago, when I finally decided to tell. I thought I would get sympathy at the very worst. I don't want sympathy. I have taken care of myself and my family since I could speak. I take f******g everything. I took four years of rape and a child I had to kill when I was four months pregnant at age TEN so my siblings wouldn't have to. I think that I am fully functional. They dared to say that I had an INABILITY TO FUNCTION AS A HUMAN BEING the other day. That is so messed up... sorry I ranted like that. I needed to get it out. God... *wipes hair off keyboard and tears out of eyes*... I want a hug. I'm so glad I found this place, because now I'm not alone:)
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Thanks *hugs back*, I really appreciate it:) And I'll be there for you too

I'll give you an e-hug whenever you need one :) you don't have to apologize for ranting, you deserve at least that much.