I've Got Trich

I suffer from Trichotillomania and i absolutely hate it! I found out about it about two years ago, but have had it for about 5. I started with my eyelashes, then managed to stop when I realized how bad it was! Then when I started pulling out my hair less than a year later, I thought it would be easy to quit. It wasn't and it's not going to be. I had at one point pulled out all the hair on the top of my head, and had to wear my hair in a sort of not-very-convincing comb-over. It was so embarrassing! Every new thing I tried to hide it got more bad attention than the last! I just finished growing it out and now my hair is normal, Just very short. I have very curly hair too, so now I look like a poodle, but it'd better than having bald spots that cover half my head!

Unfortunately, I have not stopped pulling. To grow out my hair, I had a hairpiece thing that was sewn on to a braid across my head, which stopped me from pulling there. But, now it's all free and exposed and wonderfully but horribly PULL-ABLE!! I'm not pulling as much as I used to by far, but I'm still very concerned that I will re-dig myself into that awful hole.

I have told one person outside my family about my affliction. He understood but isn't really helping me. :/

My family is very supportive with the exception of my grandmother on my dad's side. She is convinced that I'm faking it and doing it just for attention. Anyone else who pulls knows how insulting that is!! Thanks for the support, Grandma!

Anyways, not to end a bitter, resentful note, I have started taking a supplement that is supposed to reduce the urge to pull! It hasn't kicked in yet (it's supposed to take nine week and I've been taking it for about five) but apparently it has worked very well for 58%!

Thank you for taking the time to listen, CheerioGrrrl :)
CheerioGrrrl CheerioGrrrl
13-15, F
May 19, 2012