I Feel So Ugly

Im 20 n ive pulled my hair as long as i can remember like half of my hair is gone :( i cry like everyday bc of it... i wanna stop so bad but its really hard... my dad always makes comments about it ni have two kids and i dont want them ashamed of me as they get older... i was made fun of all through school bc of it. ive told my fiance but i still feel like it bugs him even though he always says im beautiful.... :( nothing helps!
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3 Responses Sep 8, 2012

I know how you feel... My daddy says I need to stop, but it's not something you can just quit like cigarettes, it's something more. My parents used to shave my head and make me wear hats to school. I was in PreK. I remember gettin picked on growing up cause my hair wasn't long and pretty. Just keep your head up. There's nothing we can do but try. I have a set of twins on the way and I feel the exact same way you do.

I know how you feel, my boyfriend says the same things, but no matter what anyone says it never helps

Shave your head girlfriend! Beauty is inside of you too! Learn to do your make up super fierce and work it!! Friend me if you like. I pull my eyelashes. Www.facebook.com/heatherchapmanhair

I have honestly thought about it... but i never can bring myself to do it... Thank you :)