I Have Been Diagnosed With Trich Since 6th Grade.

I've had this problem since 5th grade. I didnt realise It at the time. Everyday In class I'd sit there and pull out my eyelashes and just study them. I hardly paid attention because of how interested, I guess the word would be, I was in pulling my eyelashes. In December of 2008, I started pulling out the hair on my head. I don't remember exactly WHY or how I had migrated from eyelashes to hair. It's been 7 years since I've developed the habit/addiction and currently have no hair on the top of my head or the sides or bangs. (baldspots/very short). Oh and its been 6 years of getting therapy for it. Therapy has not helped me at all. Any advice? /:
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Hi, I have the same problem, I used to only pull my eyelashes and now I pull from my head too. I started taping the end of my fingers so that I can't use my fingernails to pull my hair out. Also, wearing gloves when at home, do you have certain times/places/around certain people/situations that make you want to pull? Try to identify those and then go from there. Good luck, I believe in you!

Typically at night when I'm alone.