trichotillomania is when you pull out your hair.  believed to be a "cousin" to OCD.  i remember pulling out hairs to make my hairline straight at 15.  this came back later in life but i wouldnt pull from the hairline...i would pull the kinky "ugly" hairs out of my head.  i got a book on it called the hair pulling disease and it opened up my eyes.  it helped me realize that this disease seems to come and go with the stress levels in your life.  i've come to terms with it and accept that it may never go away but i know i can control it.  anyone else?
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You are really young. I have dealt with this for more than 25 years. It seems like u can control it but please be careful not to pull. Take deep breaths with urges and use hydrocortisone cream

I'm still learning to deal with my Trich, but yeah, I've realized that it's not just going to disappear. It's an illness that has no cure as of yet but I have hope. Good luck in the future :)

I too do the same things. I'll run my fingers through my hair and I find one that has to come out. I'll try to stop myself but can't stop myself. When I finally pull it out I get a feeling of relief afterwards.

Thanks for the tip about the book. I'll check that out. How did you cope with your stress? What worked for you?

I do the same thing with kinky hairs!

I would like to discuss some trichotillomania tricks with you if you have time,<br />
<br />
<br />

I pull my hair out everyday, i cannot stop. I try to hide it but people see and look at me like im crazy..its not like i can say "oh dont worry, lots of people do it" Cuz they dont. only a few and for us it feels good and natural. I used to suck my thumb, when i was forced to stop, i started pulling my hair. I think its a comfort thing, like a security blanket.

I knew this guy that I was dating when I was in college who had this .. He was constantly rubbing his head and literally(infront of me ) pulling out small pieces of his hair. He could not stop.. I remember he also drank (he said) about 20 cups of coffee a day...well..?????there you go.. I saw him again years later... and he was still the same.. the hairline was unchanged but he still was doing the same thing... thanks for the info...

now is this like if you are looking in the mirror and you see a few stray hairs on the top of your head you pull them out or is this like pulling little knots of hair out?<br />
thanks,<br />

omg, i cant believe i have found others with this problem! yes, i know what you mean about the symetry thing, only i did it with my once beautiful eyelashes! 8(<br />
thank you for sharing your story!