My Story

when I was in first grade i was a gullible little girl. some girl who I was friends with told me a story about how when you have a loose eyelash or eyebrow like the ones that fall out and land on your face you can make a wish on it. now seeing as i was a little first grader i had many wishes. so I started to pull them. just my eyebrows at first. that went on to about 4th grade. I went to therapy for it and she recommended i had a stress ball so i could squeeze it when I felt the urge. it worked i stopped. I'm not exactly sure when I started back up again. but it was before 7th grade. you wouldn't be able to tell because I only did my eyebrows and I shaped them perfectly. then in 8th grade they were beyond thin. I started to pull my eyelashes. I didn't do this as often but i started to more as my eyebrows grew thinner. during the summer before I went into 9th grade I found an eyebrow pencil. which made me realize i could pull as much as I wanted and I'd still look like I have eyebrows. at the beginning of 9th grade my eyebrows became more scarce. there were way more than I have now but they were not dark enough. then I pulled my already short eyelashes. to the point where I couldn't even put mascara on anymore. now here I am. absolutely no eyelashes and i barely have eyebrows. it looks like I have none. I used to do it because of stress. now I do it because it actually feels good. I take anti depressants for it, and I am supposed to be going to therapy. but my mother has yet to make an appointment. the anti depressants have done nothing to help my issue, they have helped me become a calmer person. I have had this issue for almost 9 years now. and I don't feel that I will ever stop. I have tried many products to help my eyelashes and eyebrows grow but every time they grow i just pull them. I'm in desperate need of help.
jenna412 jenna412
Sep 22, 2012