I'm Fine.

It started about a few years ago.
I knew about Trich before I realized I had it, and when I realized that what I was doing was awfully close to that, I denied it for a long while.

For about a year I kept telling myself I was fine and that it was just a bad habit I could break, but it wasn't. When I realized something was wrong and I couldn't stop, I didn't know what to do. These are not the things that happen to me, I don't have problems (well that's what I keep telling myself) or if I have one I fix it, it's simple.

Sometimes after school, I came home and no one was there. I just sat there and watched my hair fall to the floor though I kept saying I have to stop.

My mum started to notice the bald spots and the piles of hair I left everywhere. She didn't think anything of it, That went on for three years. Even though I knew what it was I was scared to tell.
But I did,Yesterday. She said "You won't do that again again, okay?" I said, "Yeah... Okay" and that's pretty much how it went. I tried to tell friends but they just laughed it off.

Last summer got better, the bald spots had almost disappeared.
But for the last two weeks, it's been worst, I look at myself in the mirror constantly to make sure it doesn't show. Half of my hair is gone, it's somewhere on the floor, the trash can, it's somewhere other than on my head, now there's only a big pale spot through the last locks of black hair I've still got. I look at myself in the mirror and I can't miss the spots, nor can others. I just want to lay in my bed and cry sometimes. I'm fifteen now, it's been five years. Will it ever stop? How can I end this? People have told me to just stop, That's all it takes to get better isn't it? I want it GONE. I used to love my hair, now it's what I'm ashamed of.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

I go through the same exact thing. Stay strong & message me if you need to <3