My Hair Sucks

I have bald spots. Randomly scattered along my scalp. Its not even like i dont know im doing it. I just cant stop it feels good ya know. Well anyways almost everyday at school someone asks me about it. about a week ago i was sitting by this super cute guy that ive had a crush on for a while. I was just flirting and doing my homework and this rude girl turns around and goes "did you shave your head or something or are you just going bald?" Really?! Oh my gosh! I thought people like that were only in movies! So lets just say i have no chance with him. Then I was in classs and a boy thats my friend started laughing and said wow! your half bald aren't you? What would you do if i shaved the rest off? I was humiliated and went to the bathroom and cried. I mean i already have issues with body image! I just feel like im alone. I feel as though my condition is weird and like only crazy people do this. I am really depressed. I havent ever had a boyfriend and i know they dont solve everything but i cant help but feel like its because of my hair. I want someone to know and still love me.. Only three of my friends know and they dont care but they are all girls. I feel ugly and gross. What i would do to wake up and just pull my hair into a ponytail.........
Sreyn1998 Sreyn1998
Dec 1, 2012