Trich Only Just Struck Reality!

I have never spoken to anyone about my Trich until a few weeks back when i finally wasnt in denial any more.

I started pulling at a very young age i was 4 according to my mammy and my grandparents that was 11 years ago, they thought it was just for comfort as i would do it before nap times, bed time, when watching telly, when concentrating and when it was story time, so for the last 16 years its been something normal to me. At the age of 8 i remember not just pulling strands out but starting to pull clumps small clumps to start with, then they got alot bigger to maybe a 50 pence piece size. It never hurt it felt nice and i just carried on and carried on till i had finally drifted off to sleep. Still we all just thought oh its just a phase ill grow out of it.

By the age of 12 i had my hair cut short it didnt completely stop me but it made it harder to grab and pull i started making my scalp bleed i wasnt worried, carried on and on and on it was like a vicious circle i started to hide things from my family became secretive. They thought i had stopped the pulling i would always wear a hat were ever i went, unless it was school id never wear my hair up unless it was in a high pony that way no one would see my patches. They were my secret i was proud of them.

At 14 i was is year 10 and started doing hairdressing as it was something i always wanted to do, so the school would arrange for me and a few girls to go to our local community college 1 day a week untill we finished school. I had my hair still quite short, but i did calm down with the pulling as the girls i was doing hairdressing with, we had to work on each other, the tutor seen and asked if my hair was falling out or was i pulling i just told her it falls out so she wouldnt know my secret. Only these 6 girls seen these patches but they just ignored it never taunted me about it. 

At 16 i started going to college done my nvq level 2 hairdressing, and i also had myself a job these kept me occupied so i only pulled strands for a while, i did stop for about 4weeks at one point i was proud of myself i said to myself im finally growing out of this didnt even know about Trich untill i started college as soon as they mentioned it in lessons i knew that was what i had been suffering with and getting over. Still kept it from everyone as i though im strong enough to help myself get through this, i beat this for 4months was so proud hair was growing back had it cut into a nice bob i loved my hair more than anything from that day. It was october 2010 2months after my 18th birthday 4months no pulling. Me and a few of my friends decided to go out one friday night to the local gay club pulse were all straight just loved the people we knew everyone got on with everyone was the best place to go on a night out, but this one friday night the unexpected happened to me, i was just dancing with the girls a few of our gay guy friends, i though one of them was just dancing behind me like they always did, but this one time it wasnt any of my friends, i realised this as the men were getting closer and closer behind me and to the side of me i moved they followed, i was violated on the dance floor, trying to get away i couldnt they were to strong. I got dragged into a cupboard behind the stage and i was sexually assaulted. From that night on over 2years down the line i am now 20 and pulling like there is no tomorrow. I got into a relationship with my current partner we have been together almost a year and i kept this from him untill november 2012, he gave me the courage to tell my mammy close family and close friends. My mam took me to the doctors to see if i could get some help as its that bad now im depressed feel nothing no emotion what so ever, My GP has referred me to our locan mental health team and as of 2013 i hope these people will help me over come what i am doing.

I dont know anyone with Trich and dont have anyone who understands Trich.
please comment for advice or even express your Trich were all here and all need help and support.  
Munchkin1992 Munchkin1992
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012