That Overwelming Feeing

Ive had ttm since I was 7yrs and I am 35yrs now,im very depressed about it and hate how I look I used to have long,thick hair and now it all bald and I have to wear it up all the time.
I wont let myself get close to a man cause im ashamed of my self ive tried many times in the last four years to just stop but I haven't made much progress
I feel im in a spot in my life that I need to get this tric under control,, its time I love myself again so I taught this would help being able to open up and talk about it and also hearing others story on it. also giving and receiving feedback.
I find that my hardest times are while watching t.v ,driving , and laying in bed
bed is the worst sometimes I think im pulling in my sleep. I don't understand how I cant stop even tho its hurting me.Ive thought about shaving my hair off and starting fresh but I work customer service and I feel ashamed of myself.not to many people no I pull my hair out just a few family members im scared for people to no about my problem like they will not like me or will think differently
about me.any advise would be great cause ive tried so much I don't no what else to do.. thank you very much
cocobells cocobells
31-35, F
Dec 7, 2012