Dealing With Trichotillomaina

I dont know why it is so hard fro me to stop pulling my hair. i went on this site because i know that someone can probably help me. I am starting to pull so much. my mom found a HUGE bundle of hair this morning. I was speechless. i didnt know what to say. I am so freaking tires of this. I have been dealing with pulling my hair for 7 YEARS :..(. And im only 11 yrs old. people make fun of me for this and i cant stop it. i dont have any friends becuase they think im ugly. i go to therapy for this. Nothing seems to help. please help me :(
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

My love... I urge u to first relax and take deep breaths with the urges. Also tell your mom to apply hydrocortisone to the tense areas. Think happy thoughts and think of those who love you and create a sense of mental ease. I am 38, I have pulled since I can remember... I have cut all of my hair off several times but now my hair is long again. However it is thin in the middle top. I try to get through one day at a time without pulling and then a year later I may have an incident that takes me back to square one. It's a struggle and I hate that you are facing this challenge at such a young age...but u are not alone, Christ is your strength and He is with you. I am with you along with thousands more. Together we can control Trich and not let it control us. Have faith in your ability to control. You can do it!!!! Yes you can!!!