This goes back over 25 yrs ago at least. I can remember being like 15 or 16. While watching The Golden Girls... In a trance like state pulling my beautiful thick hair out of my scalp. I told myself I was only thinning it out right there because it was too thick but actually as years went by it got thinner yet I kept pulling. I cut it all off!! And began to grow locks and stay away from chemicals, (I thought that may be the cause) long as I kept it cut short I think I was doing fine. As soon as it started to grow the urge comes back. I have a terrible thin spot in the top of my hair... It's ugly. I hate it. I try to quit by taking deep breaths and that helps, it also helps to tell someone my boyfriend is aware now so I try not to pull around him to exhibit will power. Also Hydrocortisone cream brings relief instantly. I have prayed and I have faith that one day science will find a cure in the meantime I only thank God that's it isn't worse... Cancer, Aids, diabetes etc... I know that it is a battle that I can win. My pulling urges do come and go
Wizdom74 Wizdom74
36-40, F
Dec 9, 2012