My Story And What Helps Me

Well, I do not know when I got I have always pulled my hair out but never in the same place until last year. It started with on ingrown hair I popped it ( sorry really gross ) then a little thick black hair was there I kept pulling and could not get it then I wen to my parents bathroom and got twissers I got it it felt so so so good then I wanted that same feeling but I could never get it so I eventually ended up missing all my hair from the front of the left hand side off my head I didn't talk to anyone about it I told my friend that I got burned and my hair fell out my mom told me I was just doing it for attention I have alot of self controll so during the summer it grew now it is an inch and a half long and doesn't stick up I got bangs so its better. Some thing I do is when I want to pull my hair is play with my tangle have a cold shower play cats cradle I also pick at a sponge I also have a pair of jean that I rip so I when I pull the threads it's feels so good does any one have anything I can do at dance I am there all the time and I can't do anything there
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Dec 15, 2012