When Trichotillomania Started

I was 12 years old. I remember touching the back of my head and pulling the strands of hair to relieve the itching. That became an everyday thing since than. As time went on, my bald spots were noticable and of course I was bullied. In grade 7, I had to wear a wig because of the damage done to my hair. My peers at school would talk horrible about me, and they would try so hard to pull my wig off. It was a horrible time. This went on to high school. I didn't have any friends. No one wanted to be around me. I am now seeing a counselor so that I can get some help with this. I still pull my hair out and eat the hairs, especially the ones with the white fleshy root. I just don't pull everyday like I used to.
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I've seen you post a few times about this. Sorry you were treated like **** for something you can't control.

I feel sorry for what you had to go through as a young person. Children and Adults can be so vicious. I think I would have tried shaving my head or at least cutting the hair in a buzz cut. I don't think the hair on my head was the real interest of the boys. I could probably have gone bald and only the girls would have noticed. But I was getting sex from the boy friends of the girls that would not associate with me. But still it would sting to be ignored by some of the girls.