Recovery? Or Relapse?

Recently i have tried my hardest to stop pulling.. but its so hard especially when everything in my life is going wrong... i cant go 5 min without pulling out my hair and i fear that if i dont stop im going to ruin my hair... its gotten so bad that i pull until my head hurts then i take 2 tylenol and cry myself to bed.... the bad thing is its an on going process that goes on everyday... im just stuck in a long stage of relapse....
jessparis16 jessparis16
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

This habit is really addictive. Im just a 13 year old girl. I've been having it since a year. I need to stop..I mean people have started noticing. It really sucks when your friends have perfect hair..And your just like..Nothing. I need someone to talk too. And online is the best way..Could you help me?

I know exactly what your going through! Im going through the exact same & i just dont know how to stop. reeeeealy need too though before it gets really bad. I Pull eyelashes & hair : Feels like im the only one ..

Well your not alone! Ive been goin thru this for 5 years and i also thought i was alone! But if u ever need to talk im here!

I know what its like to cry yourself to sleep... but why hurt yourself more than that? I have no one to talk to and no way out of the situation I am in right now, would you recommend me doing that to my hair? If you need to talk I will listen...we all need to be heard.
Please think about what you are are a beautiful young woman! For your own sake don't hurt yourself any further, you are so worth being loved! You will find your way in this's not easy but one day you will look back on now and realise you are worth it!

Thank you for your support!