I Hate Trich!

Okay so I have had trichotillomania for over a year and am getting nowhere.. It's so hard to stop pulling though.. I wish I knew why I do but I don't and it's just so frustrating! Especially when you know that you're doing it to yourself so can't even feel just a tiny bit sorry for yourself.. I mean it's not like a serious disease where you can't do anything to prevent it. But it's not sympathy I want.. It's empathy.
My mum says to me blankly "can't you just stop it.. Please?" as if it can be done with a flick of a wand. I dont really feel like I can talk about it to my family because I just feel embarrassed.
I HAVE BALD EYELIDS. Yes I do.. But the glorious invention of make up saves the day! However when taking off my make up at night I am disgusted with the sight in the mirror and am that embarrassed that I hide my face from my family as much as physically possible. It sucks because my sisters are real natural beauties and I feel so fake when I mount my face with tonnes of black eyeliner and fake eyelashes..
Please if anyone understands the situation I'm in I'd love to hear your advice/thoughts on it..
Thanks for reading - means a lot :) x
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I have trich too, and I know how you feel about people asking if you can just stop. It's really annoying, people ask why I can't just stop pulling ( I pull from my head), and I respond exactly like you. People don't get it, and it's frustrating when they judge things they don't understand. :(
My hair is starting to grow back from a horrible pulling episode I had in the fall, but it always does this cycle thing where I pull during the school year, but during vacations it grows out more, so its endless. I also know what you mean about feeling fake, I wore a wig for a couple years to hide my baldness, but i felt like I was two different people, and it got to be really overwhelming. I'm starting to be able to go out without covering my hair now, so thats a plus! I wish you all the best and keep your head up! :) :( I hope we can talk sometime, it's always nice to talk to someone who's going through similar situations, and get insight from them! (Sorry for this essay ahaha)

Aw thank you so much :) I'm glad someone knows where I'm coming from. Yeah I'd love to talk to you sometime! And dont worry about the length I like reading essays :')