Trichotillomania Has Ruined My Childhood:(

Hey, I'm Katie and I'm 13 and I have trich, I pull my eyelashes and eyebrows. I've had trich for 6 years which doesn't sound that long but it feels like forever when you have to live with it. It started when someone said that eyelashes give you good luck so I started pulling out my eyelashes and after that my eyebrows... At one point in my life I didnt have one single hair on my face, people gave me weird looks and I didn't feel human and felt like I didn't fit in. Then I went up to secondary school which I was terrified about because everyone would notice and I would most probably get bullied, I did get bullied but not as much as I thought I would, thank god:) every day I cover my face in make up which takes about an hour... Some mornings I wake up and I just wish I could go out of the house without any make up on but I'm terrified. I know I'm only 13 it's actually ridiculous, I can't go swimming or have sleepovers either cos I'm scared people will find my real face funny.
Living with this disorder is so upsetting, difficult and tiring:/ but if there is anybody out there that I can help or they help me then please get in contact I really want someone to talk to!:)
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I'm 14 and my story's a little different I started at the age of 2,12 years now and nearly bald. I know what it's like to feel alone,helpless and scared. I've been bullied to but because of it I'm stronger now,if you don't show that it's bothering you they will stop,don't give them the satisfacttion of knowing it puts you down. Stay strong and if you ever need someone to talk to i'll be here.

Im 13 too.. And I need help. I would lovve to add you to my circles. Ive just joined. And we both could talk over About hows everything. Its really supportive when we have someone to talk with (:

I'm so sorry sweety. You are so young, and at such a difficult age anyway. I want you to know, that you are inherently beautiful, you are a young woman, a human being, and that makes you precious. Also, I had a very close friend when I was younger who did this. I loved them very much, and they were very beautiful anyways. It was striking, and I asked her about it, and she told me it was a nervous habit. I just accepted that. Any one who is worthy of being close to you will shrug this off and accept you for who you are. You sound like a very articulate person, and that will help you a lot in life. Never be afraid to ask for help. Hang in there.