Recovery.. Thanks For All The Support!!

So ive been really putting in the effort to stop pulling and today was the first day that i only pulled out one strand of hair! To me this is a huge step towards recovery i no im going to have bad days and good days but i just wanted to thank you guys for all your support and advice.. thank you guys for also posting stories as well. This disorder can make you feel like your crazy and give you a sense of feeling alone but when i read your guys stories and comments i dont feel alone. I feel surrounded by people who truly care and understand what its like to have trich and that alone has pushed me in the direction of recovery so thank you guys you mean the world to me! And hey im here to help to so dont be afraid to shoot me a message if you need to talk thanks again guys! Xoxoxo
jessparis16 jessparis16
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013