My Journey

The first time I could remember consciously pulling, I was sitting in my tenth grade honors history class. That was the first pile I had accumulated, but not the last. I shrugged off this weird habit for about a year, until I realized it wasn't going anywhere.

I tried everything I could think of to stop. Wearing gloves, not sitting on the couch, making an effort to think about it, the works. Here I am, 6 years later, still pulling.

It is truly surreal sometimes. It's like blacking out, you simply do not remember when you are having a pulling fit, until you pick up the huge pile underneath you so no one sees. I want to do all the cute hairstyles on Pinterest, or have people touch my hair like everyone else.

I hope one day I will have the ability to use my education to do research for this disease. There will be a cure, I will personally make sure of that. In the meantime, we will cope and keep trying our best to stop. To be normal.
SummerLove87 SummerLove87
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

think were should all help each other

(: I liked your story. Can I add ypu..I need help too. Would be nice if I could have some help. Im just 13. Proper guidance would help.

Of course love, helping each other will benefit both of us :)

Thanks. (: Will add you. Can we tommorow?

So sorry I didn't see this sooner!