Ugh, I Hate This.

So I am a fairly new to Trich I guess, I have been pulling my hair out for about a year, It started with just my arm hair, but recently because of stress I have moved to my head. I already have made a two dents on the sides of my forehead, luckily I have long and thick hair(for now) to cover up the bald spots but it really stresses me out which only makes me pull more :/
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Your lucky you have long hair. I used to have the thickest hair..ever. And now this habit has ruined neand my life..and the way I look. Im pretty cute..Fair color..Just
.my hair. I've added you in my circles. Please talk to me. It would Trust me. Ineed help.

You are on people search part. Feel free to add me. I have CP and Autism