Pulling Session..

I've been trying really hard to stop.. pulling from my head.. i told myself just one more strand.. but i didn't stop there one became 2 and 2 became way much more...the urge is so strong something i can't explain.. having trich has made my life a living hell i feel alone inside even though i no I'm not.. i guess I've failed again because relapse has won again
jessparis16 jessparis16
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

that's EXACTLY how I feel, girlfriend. living hell is exactly what I always refer trich to. And people look at us, like, just stop pulling. and i'm like, damnit! it's sooooo much easier said than done. I tell myself, just one little hair tonight, but an hour later, i'm back to where I started 6 years ago. :(

i feel the same way :(