After 21 Years Of Pulling I've Found My Cure.

I started pulling when I was 12. It started with my eyelashes, then eyebrows, then my head, then my underarms and pubic area. I was in counseling, have taken every ssri available and then I started taking half of a .5 mg klonopin every evening about a year ago and it helped reduce my anxiety but the pulling was still there, about 2 months ago I started taking half of a 1 mg Resperidol every evening in addition to my klonopin and wala....the sensation is almost totally gone. I have gained weight which is a side affect but I'm happy the itching and crawling sensation is gone. I'm going to try Geodon (not a such big side affect of weight gain)
I'll keep you posted on the outcome.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

your experience is similar to my own. i'm 23 years old and have been pulling since i was 10. i'm on medication and been seeing a therapist for a while, but it still haunts me. it comes in phases, particularly in moments of stress. i've pulled everywhere the human body can grow hair. thank you for sharing your experience and i look forward to your next post.

Oh wow good luck to you! I pull my eyelashes and eyebrows and it's so embarrassing when people ask if my eyebrows are drawn in or about the fake lashes I wear. I've only told my sister, who used to have it too. She got over it, but I can't stop. I've had it since I was 12, and now I've just turned 21. I imagine how great my life would be and how much less i would have to hide if I could stop. I hope this works for you