Ptsd Leads To Trich

I was 15 when i was raped by my boyfriend, my best friend. About a week later, people started to notice i was pulling out my hair. It started with splitting the split ends. Then to breaking off pieces. Then finally pulling out any hair that didn't feel right. I went from hair past my shoulders to pretty much a buzz cut in a month. I never told anyone about the rape, so they just assumed i was losing mind for no reason. I was diagnosed with trichotillomania, along with 9 other mental disorders. It sucked, and took three years, but i finally opened up to a therapist and told her i was raped, after a while we put two and two together and realized that was my trigger. Four years later, I'm still pulling out my hair. I do it without realizing, even when i sleep. It's a burden, but i have yet to find anything to help me stop. I have friends and family who know about it, and try to stop me, but that only makes it worse. I need a way to cease from doing it, at least a little bit. A pill (paxil didn't work), or something. What works for you? I was doing so well for a while, but I'm back to bald spots.
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First off, I am so sorry you had to experience that! Such a traumatic thing for a girl to go through at that age. I have been pulling since I was a child, I am now 22.I too, have months where I am good then something happens and the process begins over again. Its maddening.I do it without realizing as well,I am struggling to stop. I know I need to because my son is at a impressionable age so what I do he tries to do.(caught him trying to pull a few times) When I see him try to do it, I feel like **** and try not to do it.I am going to the therapist tomorrow, if I find anything that helps me I will be sure to mention it to you.Until then keep staying strong, and if you need someone to talk to you know where to find me. :-)