Out Of My Control

im 16 years old, for 9 years ive suffered from depression leaving me very self concious. For a few years ive obsessed over my eyebrows because they are naturally uneven and different shapes, I would pluck them thin, pluck them to a shape, pluck the ends, pluck the tops. nothing made me feel better about them, I was constantly thinking about them and touching them all the time because I was so unhappy about them, this is how fell into the trich trap. I find myself pulling at my eyebrows constantly without even noticing until someone tells me im doing it, sometimes i know im doing it but physically cant stop it. recently ive started to pull at my eyelashes too. people always ask me "whats wrong with your eyebrows?" im so ashamed and embarrassed to tell anyone because they will think im werid but its hard to cover up when my eyebrows are half gone. its a never ending cycle of hair pulling and I feel as though i have no control over the urges to pull at my eyebrows and eyelashes. its really ruining my self confidence. im still battling but i hope one day i will be able to say that i dont have trich any more.
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Oh my gosh!!! I am the same age and I have the same exact situation. My eyebrows were once really thick and ugly, now they are uglier because they don't exist. I suffer from mild depression and OCD with hair. I'm not trying to sound like an internet stalker or anything, but we should talk sometime? I just recently joined, and this is my first time talking about my secret. I had never felt so alone in the world, until I learned I am not the only girl with this problem. Others feel my pain and they know exactly what I am going through. It just makes me mad that I can't stop! There's no reason I do it! It's an everyday battle to even look in the mirror...

finally someone who actaully understands! i would love to talk to you sometime because its so hard to actaully explain what your going threw to people that dont actually have trich!

I would LOVE to chat with you too girlfraaan!!! :) we have a lot in common about this trich business. and depression! Mine probably wasn't as severe as yours. I learned how to toughen up and be a fighter through the pain I went through, emotionally. I've learned that I am strong, because I know I am weak. is that from a movie or something? I don't think that beautiful phrase just came from my brain! haha...