41 Years of Trich!

I have had trich for 41 years. It began when I was only 10. I wear a wig and false eyelashes. Not many know that I suffer from this...not even my husband...We were married for 15 years before he saw me without a head covering. He knows I am missing hair and lashes, but doesnt know why and doesnt love me any less.
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2007

I was running my finger over strands of hair as I read this. I admit I fear I will find myself where you are one day, with many more years of pulling. I have been pulling for 6 years. I imagine that I understand your frustration. It stays with me all day long as I know it does with you. I wish you hope and healing.

how does your husband not know? why haven't you told him? i almost feel insulted when people don't notice, like they must have their head somewhere else entirely.