Hello.  I will presume that you are a puller, too, as most people never even ponder such things until it happens to them...

I began pulling my eyebrow hairs while stressing over projects due in my online bachelor degree program.  Digital design is fun, but deadlines and deciding what is "perfect" can be very stressful!  I believe I began pulling in 2004, and I have yet to stop.  I finished that degree, then went on to complete a master's within a year afterward.  The stress was evermore present, and the eyebrow pulling became a fulltime pasttime while focusing on school.  I got a 4.0, but I also obtained some serious doubt that I could stop at that point.  Now, I am in a doctoral program for law, and I fear that I will be totally eyebrow-free soon.  I am aware that I need help, but I fail to see where that help will be found.

I do have a friend that pulls her hair from her head, and she has done this for many years with no relief.  I am glad that I do not have that particular type of trichotillomania, but I seriously need some alternate focus for when I get stressed.  If anyone knows of a lesser evil with regard to pulling eyebrows, please let me know!  I am not hating myself, nor am I self-conscious about it; my hair is already too light to see my eyebrows, anyway.  I do have some left, but I tend to grab the ones that are trying to come back to life.  The funny thing is that I have never plucked my eyebrows in my life!  I would never do that, as so many women look hideous from over-plucking and not having any grow back.  I see this as irony at this point. ;0

I do wish you all the best, and I believe that we all have the fix within us.  It just helps to know that we are not alone, not freaks, and not helpless.  God bless.

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I like to trim my hair I used to pull out the hairs with split ends but now I cut them off I figure it's better to trim then pull though I never thought of it as a disorder

i feel you, i'm almost eyebrow-less myself.