I started 'picking' when I was about 15, just starting high school.
I recall on multiple occasions during that time of me picking to the point that I would leave piles of my hair beside my desk on the floor - Not realizing that I had been picking, and becoming very embarrassed.
I was blessed with thick hair, so it took time for the Trich to really get my attention.
It did around 10th and 11th grade, as I had developed bald spots and thin areas, to the point that parting my hair differently had no effect because I picked ALL over.
I was humiliated, and constantly scolded by this point to stop picking or leave my hair alone. But I couldn't stop. I wanted to, I wanted to be beautiful, but the urge is something I cannot fight, at least not for long.
I'm 20 now, and still suffering from Trichotillomania. I have yet to seek help because I honestly don't even know where to begin. :( I suppose this is a good start, though.

If there are any people out there like me, what can I do to stop? Please help me before I take action in shaving my head. I cannot handle doing this to myself much longer..
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

While shaving your head will certainly not 'cure' TTM, I have found that it does allow my scalp time to heal and the hair to regrow. I also take biotin on a daily basis which assists in the hair growing back thicker - I spoke with my doctor about dosage. I am actually getting ready to reshave my head again - this time I might just leave my hair shorter, as I tend to pull less (not sure why).

Just don't let TTM define who you are. Know that you are beautiful and have self-confidence. As long as you feel that way other's will see you in the same light :)

Just wanted to give an update. My hubby shaved my head for me tonight - I'll try to post a picture sometime tomorrow :)