I've had this every since I was in preschool and it truly makes me feel insecure....I mean I am a female who has no eyebrows or eyelashes! I look completely hideous...I also get made fun of because I look diffrent from other kids. Girls use to laugh and bully me and take out their makeup bags saying "paint some eyebrows on maybe you wont look so hideous." Boys use to just look at me and laugh and ask if someone burned my eyebrows off. I remember a group of boys who stopped me in the hall way and cornered me asking what happened to my face. I eventuality pushed them away and ran into the girls bathroom and started crying. Trich has really made me hate who I am.
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I feel you I was super anti-social all through school. Not that anyone ever brought up the fact that I had bald eyes but you still feel like that knowing you have it..

I understand how you feel. I am just now regrowing my lashes. I've had Trich since i was around six.