I think that doing this to myself was a symptom, not a disease.
I pulled out all my eyebrow and eyelashes (and lots of hair in othe places too) when I was young and now I can see that I was very stressed and unhappy without being able to say what was wrong.
It seems to me to be a kind of addiction to do with avoiding worse feelings by staying in a particular state of tension where pulling out my hair was OK but nothing else felt safe and I was scared to even let myself know what I was doing.
I developed other habits and addiction which eventually took the place of the pulling.
But it would have been better if I had known how to ask for help at the time.
My eyebrows never really grew back, but lucky for me my other hair mostly did.
I hope young people now are braver than I was then to admit what is happening and get help sooner with the distress and anxiety which starts this stuff off.
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My son went through a year and a half period of this, and I believe the same thing. It was a symptom of everything else that was going on, and he is not very good at verbalizing his emotions, he started this. Now he bites his nails/fingers until they bleed, picks scabs