It Comes and Goes

I remember this started for me when i was in middle school.  I always loved looking in the mirror at my eyes and one day I noticed an eyelash that was out of i yanked it, and another one, and another until i stepped back and looked up and saw i had pulled a chunk of my eyelashes out.  I felt good!  It didnt stop.  I wore glasses and a lot of eye liner until my sophomore year of college when i somehow got it under control and was able to wear contacts for about two years..and then the stress of finding a job after graduation etc started setting in and it started all over again except it isnt just eyelashes it has moved to anything i can yank except my eyebrows and hair on my head for some reason.  If i see a hair that is out of place i will scratch it...pick whatever it takes until it is plucked.

 I tried getting nails...which works for about two weeks.  I have tossed my tweezers, i have clipped my nails....any suggestions? 

leeya010101 leeya010101
Mar 22, 2009