Driving Me Insane!!!

HI I also have this problem

I feel blessed that there is a group for this.

I don't' pull my hair our I pull my eyelashes out!

 ARRRGGG!!! I get so sad and guilty feeling after I have done it. Right now I  have barley any eyelashes

But i pull them out because they grow in wrong and then they hurt.

I have a burning sensation, and it just feels better when i pluck them.

I am so embarrassed and I feel disgusting and ugly.Most people would not believe that I do this! I am an pretty girl (so I been told! I DO NOT FEEL PRETTY) My boyfriend doesn't even know, and I am scared outta my mind to tell him and let him see me with out make up, I get up earlier then him just so I can shower an put on eyeliner and eyelashes, I have been using fake eyelashes for almost 2 yrs now.

Its controlling my life, I will NOT go anywhere without my liner on an lash's. Its summer now and I love to swim I am terrified to go near the water. I am a mom as well and I know that my daughter has seen me pulling,(shes 2) I want to stop before she starts it herself. This makes me so sad because she loves to swim too..

If someone has any suggestions about what i should do please don't hesitate to contact me!


mizzbutterfly mizzbutterfly
22-25, F
May 14, 2009