I probably started pullling when I was about 11 years old.  I never even knew that this was a common thing until last year when i was taking a pyscology class and my professor mentioned the name.  This has been a serious problem for me and I've been trying to stop for years.  I have bald spots in my eyelashes & I also have bald spots in my eyebrows.  I pull while I'm at work, while I'm driving, anytime I get frustrated or stressed out.  I stand in the mirror sometimes and just pull till my eyes sometimes get puffy.  I never knew until tonight that this was something that i could discuss with a doctor.  Everyone in my family has noticed that i am always in my eyes & it causes alot of attention because my eyes are hazel but they are bald in spots.  It's very embarrassing & has gotten very unattractive.

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I got my eyeliner tattooed on which hides the bald eyelid. No, it didn't hurt much. If you're used to pulling, you're used to pain there anyway. <br />
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I'm trying to recover now and that's why I'm here. This article is holding hope for me now:<br /> <br />
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I gave it a try yesterday and am working on it today too. It helps you to replace the behavior of pulling with a different behavior. So far, I'm doing much better than I would have without this technique. Good luck and thanks for sharing your story!

I started pulling my lashes when I was about 6 or 7 years old and I pulled them all out several times. Now I am left with few lashes with bald spots here and there. I am a redhead so my lashes are blond so they always look scanty. I use mascara and you can see they are not a full set. I once got them dyed and was disappointed because they didn't look thicker. Why would they? I guess I was hoping for a miracle. I have met a lot of females over the years with hair pulling issues and never found out it was a real syndrome until about 15 yeartsss ago.

Don't be afraid to seek help. And eyeliner does a /wonderful/ job!