In 3rd Grade

I was a third grader when I started pulling out my eyelashes. I was sitting in my desk, horribly bored, when my eyelid itched. Not thinking, I pulled out my eyelash. I rubbed it in between my fingers for a while, checking out the root. After a while I dropped it. But I was curious. I pulled another one out, and again was fasinated by the root. I repeated this until the school day was over. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and saw the little patches of missing eyelashes. I decided to never do it again.

However, the next day I was bored again. My eyelids began to itch, and it hurt. It didn't take long to realize that the only way to stop the feeling was to pull another lash out. So I did.

I tried to stop, but it became a habit. I couldn't stand the feeling, and I loved the feeling that came after pulling one out. In a week my eyelids were completely bare. They stayed that way for months; I would pull out a new growth as soon as it appeared.

I soon realized that it wasn't just a boredom buster, but a great thing to calm my nerves. My mom and stepdad were divorcing at the time. He is an alchoholic who spends a majority of his money on drugs, and this wasn't a supportive environment.

Because of the divorce, nobody in my house even noticed my bald eyelids until that summer. When my mom finally discovered them, it became a running joke in the family, and something she enjoyed telling everybody she could, especially when I could hear her.

I was horrified, not only because of the teasing but because I was still doing it. I couldn't stop, no matter how much I wanted to.

I belive it was my older brother's comments about my lashes, and parts of my eyebrows at this point, that really got to me. Because of their reactions, I found the willpower to quit before fourth grade started.

By the end of fourth grade it was pretty much forgotten. I never knew that doing this was actually Trichotillomania; I'd never even heard about Trichotillomania. And the whole time, I had never known that anybody else does this.

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This makes me wonder how many other people have started with eyelashes. When I was around 10 I had exactly the same experience. I felt an itch in my eyelashes and ended up pulling out all the the lashes on my eyes. My mom took me to the doctor in the morning becuase she thought it was caused by a cortosone cream I was using for eczema. I pulled from my eyes for a while, but eventually the majority of the pulling moved to less conspicuous areas of my body. Sometimes I totally tune out and end up with too many missing eyelashes. Now I pull from my legs, pubic region, armpits, and very rarely from my head. <br />
I have considered lazer hair removal, does anyone have any account of this helping?

Wow I can relate a lot to your story. Do u still have any weird/unusual habits? <br />
<br />
That must have been so hard on you for them to tease you. my family was more concerned and thought I was crazy I guess. I am sorry to hear that.