Wow! Trichotillomania!

Im 16. I recently found out what Trichotillomania was. I have been pulling my hair out for awhile now. I'm not sure how long I've been doing it. I pull the hair on my head. I don't have urges to pull from any other place. I used to have realllly thick hair now its really thin and i hate it! I havent told anyone about this and just wanted some closure on it. It's been bugging me alot lately. I do it when i get bored and i dont realize im doing it until ive already pulled out like 10 strands. I keep telling myself..just this last one. or one more wont hurt. but after awhile that one more might be the last one! someone please help me. i need someone to talk to about this! Thankss(:

Sasssy94 Sasssy94
18-21, F
Mar 9, 2010