I Was High As A Kite By Then

Im talking about the hippie generation and I was part of it. The crowd I hung out with was free love and rock and roll with any drug you could get your hands on. One would sit around and share a doobie to at the last split second snort a line of cocaine at one's leisure.
Ah! the high was good at times. Depending on ones state of mind. Your high could lead to sexual highs and flying by a kite afterwards.
Most drugs back then were cocaine,window pain acid,speed,mushrooms and the list of products and names that went on and on.
A group of friends and I one day went to Green River Gorge in Washington State to experience a real high of being out in the woods and wilderness where we thought all would be safe.
As the evening went on of building a bon fire and drinking a kegger of beer we all popped or snorted our favorite drug. And let the experience take over.
I remember walking to a middle of a field and saw about a half dozen of my friends there climbing a tower of power lines.
As I watched them climb higher and higher suddenly I saw one of my friends jump and tried flying like a kite just to land about twenty feet in front of me. To this day I often have night mirrors of this limp body laying at my feet that I could not catch and save.
 After that incident it woke me up forever not to take drugs ever again and that they were not wanted ever again.
You see I was there and not an angel yet to catch my friend and it's so sad that myself and people back then took drugs.
I know people take them today but I'm hopeing if you do after reading this you might think twice what might happen to you.
There are people out there that do care for you. Even strangers ...
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1 Response Jun 5, 2012

Sad story but one that no doubt needed to be shared, im sorry about your friend, but glad that you, like myself, no longer use drugs, they lead to no good in the long run