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I read a report in my local newspaper yesterday about mine workers in Western Australia using a “legal” marijuana alternative called “Kronic” to get high, without having to worry about random drug testing.
Now I am certainly not in favour of mine workers operating heavy machinery while they are under the influence of any kind of drug, as it could obviously lead to major catastrophic accidents, and injuries or even deaths.
But after some online research, I was keen to try the new drug Kronic –developed in New Zealand- and today I managed to track some down.
I rang the long-established central city supplier of pipes and other smoking implements called Joynt Venture and spoke to a young man called Jeremy/
“How can I help you?” he asked.
“Kronic?” I said.
“Do you have any?”
“Cool!” I said, “I’ll see you shortly!”
We followed Jeremy’s directions, down the laneway opposite the Murray Street underground station, up several short flights of twisting steps and into the smoking goods showroom. On our way up, we passed two young blokes wearing the distinctive fluorescent orange and dark blue miners’ shirts, with the glowing silver strips across their midriffs. They had big smiles on their faces.
They had obviously just stepped off a plane from a mine in the north-west of Western Australia and taken a taxi straight to Joynt Venture to buy some Kronic. They could use it for the week or so that they were staying at home, before returning to their two week shift, without the fear of random urine tests finding traces of marijuana in their bodies and their consequent dismissal from the mine’s workforce.
Because Kronic is not marijuana, although its effects on the body and mind of the user are quite similar. What Kronic actually is is a secret, known only to the developers and producers. And those people are making an absolute killing right now.
After yesterday’s newspaper report, most of the local TV stations covered the story on their last night’s news bulletins, so much of Perth’s stoner population got to hear about it.
“It’s gone crazy today,” a Joynt Venture staff-member told me. “The stuff is flying out the door!”
I am not surprised, because it is very, very good. It is so good that I fear authorities must soon ban its use, to criminalise its production and distribution, as they have banned most other substances that induce euphoria.
In the interests of science and for the sake of EP members, I took it upon myself to sample some, paying $30 for a gram. And I am happy to report that after only a very small pipe’s worth of Kronic, amounting to perhaps one 30thof the gram, over four hours ago, I am still right royally wasted!
My limbs and trunk are filled with a lightness and warmth that is akin to post-orgasmic bliss, a strong sense of physical pleasure and of mental well-being.
Of particular interest to myself are Kronic’s pain-killing properties. I have written elsewhere on this site about having suffered a neck injury, and the agony that has radiated through my left shoulder and down my left arm. For several months I have been in excruciating pain due to nerve-damage, unrelieved by standard pain-killers. How ironic, that my chronic pain has now been ameliorated by a drug called Kronic!
The pain is now just a kind of background thing, while my body enjoys repeated rushes of exhilaration. I know the pain will most likely return in time, but for now I am able to enjoy a little “chemical holiday”, and I know I will sleep well tonight for the first time this year, and without the need for valium.
I feel it is my duty to report to EP tomorrow about whether or not I feel any kind of hangover effect when I wake up and, if necessary, to take some more Kronic to gauge the effects of repeated doses on the mind and body.
Honestly, the trials and tribulations I put myself through for you guys!
Several companies have websites through which it is possible to arrange the shipment of any amount of Kronic to most countries in the world –although 16 have reportedly banned its use already. I urge anyone with chronic pain, depression –or just an old-fashioned need to get off your face- to get hold of some of this drug quickly, before some government somewhere declares war on it, and the substance and its users are criminalised.
When that happens, the prices will skyrocket, organised crime gangs will become involved in and enriched by its distribution, and people like me who want to escape for a time from a life of torment and torture will not be able to afford to buy it –just as has happened with a procession of other drugs.
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Kronic has now been banned in Western Australia and Tasmania, along with about 16 countries around the world, including the US and the UK. You can order it online from its New Zealand manufacturer, po1irish, but if I were You I would check your local importation regulations.

where can you get it?

You make an excellent point about safety, idlewatcher. Not cool at all! I guess we could say the same about people stoned on Kronic driving on suburban roads, potentially risking the lives and property of those around them.<br />
<br />
So far, no accidents have been attributed to Kronic intoxication, but I guess it is only a matter of time.<br />
<br />
It is possible to detect the active substance in Kronic in blood and saliva, but the mining companies -raking in their record billions- are too mean to fork out the cash for the new technology. <br />
<br />
Samples sent to the state chemical laboratories have returned positive results for Kronic in up to 30 per cent of workers tested at some mines. But this doesn't necessarily mean these workers are stoned on the job. It could well be that the active substance in Kronic remains detectable in body tissues far longer than its intoxication effects, as is the case with cannabis. I don't want them driving haulpac trucks or operating drilling equipment if their performance is impaired by any drug, but believe they should have the right to get stoned while they are on their weeks off work, without risking the loss of their jobs.

Yes, I'm sure working in the mines and getting high go hand in hand safety-wise lol wtf is wrong with those people?<br />
<br />
Not only are they putting themselves in the line of fire, but they are compromising safety for those around them!<br />
<br />
Not cool

:P good detective work, makes me want to get some asap !

No, it's not horse tranquiliser, TH, or the State Chemical Laboratory spokesman would have said so. Ketamine -the horse tranquiliser- is readily detectable by the saliva and urine tests applied to mine-workers, and none of the Kronic users tested positive for anything.<br />
<br />
Further research (err-hem!) has led me to believe it is related to the Gama Hydroxybutyric acid group of drugs, which are prescribed in cases of narcolepsy (constant falling asleep) and cataplexy ( a sudden and dramatic loss of muscle tone, often related to narcolepsy). In "recreational" doses, it seems to mimic more the effects of Ecstacy than cannabis, ie: euphoria, increased sociability and possibly aphrodisia. ;-)

; )

Thank You for your affirmations, Lilt and BrutMystick! You have given me the moral courage to continue my selfless quest to report on this new substance, despite its causing me severe euphoria and exhilaration!


Wow Dex, thank you for your extensive research and reporting! The EP community appreciates your good buzz, er...I mean "work."<br />
<br />
I am so happy to hear you are feeling less pain. That is wonderful.