Kronic 2 - The Aftermath

I think I understand now how the marijuana-analogue drug Kronic got its name... the stuff goes on and on... and on.
Some 14 hours after smoking the tiniest pipe of Kronic –and after six hours’ sleep- I could still feel its effects on my body, though somewhat diminished. I felt the remnant of the same post-orgasmic tingling reported in my first story on this subject, mostly centred in my trunk and thighs.
I felt no sense of being hungover. There was no headache and my mind was clear, though perhaps a little slow. It took me two minutes longer than average to solve a standard “Hard” Sudoku puzzle, as it usually does after a couple of glasses of wine. Concentration was an issue, then, on the morning after using Kronic.
As anticipated, I had slept well, and without the aid of diazepam (Valium). In fact, for the first time in months it was my alarm that woke me, rather than my pain. I could have slept longer, had I not had to get my son ready for school.
I recalled having dreamt vividly –and pleasurably- though could not remember the content of my dreams. Perhaps, like real marijuana, Kronic can inhibit the formation of short-term memory.
It was not long before my shoulder and arm pain returned so, in the interests of science, I felt it incumbent upon me to take a little more Kronic, to test its painkilling qualities again, this time in a smaller dose.
I placed only a few crumbs of the stuff into the bowl of my pipe and fired it up. Within two or three minutes I felt the now-familiar rush through my system, and my sense of pain was again diminished. Whether this was a direct effect of the drug on the damaged nerves, on the pain-centres of my brain, or a side-effect of being more conscious of the positive, euphoric feelings flowing through me, is difficult to know. But who really cares, as long as it works?
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Very wise of You, perseverer! You are of course correct that criminalisatiion leads to crime -I would suggest on three levels: opportunistic crimes such as burglary and robbery, committed by users of the drugs in order to afford the vastly inflated prices; organised crimes such as the production and distribution of the drugs, committed by organised criminal networks, making massive profits and cementing their power ba<x>ses; and systemic crimes such as corruption, committed by police, public officials and politicians, seduced by a share of the criminal profits, crimes that undermine public confidence in our institutions.<br />
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Since posting this story, I have discovered that the 'secret' ingredient in Kronic is from the JWH-18 group of chemicals, developed as synthetic cannabinoids. The Wikipedia entry for JWH-18 begins: "An analgesic" so it is perhaps not surprising that I expeienced pain relief when using it. The anti-depressant effect I experienced was more likely a function of the pain relief -and my generalised euphoria- than of any direct psychoactive effect.<br />
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Thank You for your contribution to this discussion.

Criminalising this kind of thing inevitably leads to an increase in crime. Two advantages of easier availability - one, to those contemplating euthenasia due to unmanageable pain it could save lives; and second, to those suffering intolerable mental obsessions - this might well turn out to be something that gives real relief. On every other aspect, I reserve my judgment.

Thank You, tanpav69, I will google skullcap. Anything to further my intelligence of science!

when i read about Kronic the herb Skullcap came to mind.Look it up it has alot of the effects of Kronic

your statements make sense to me,I'm glad you are doing your homework on this.<br />
GHB...yummmy.! the stuff is easy to O.D. on,though.<br />
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I can think of little more to add here-it really seems like you know what you're doing.<br />
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knowlege is power. just be careful out there,kids...I wasn't-and have longterm emotional damge to prove it! but yes,sober for today-life is good. I'm learning to continue handling things without using drugs,though I believe it is a human right to alter one's conciousness.As you mentioned-people will do it regardless of society's stance-many just to spite it.

Thank You for continuing to contribuite to this debate, dubkebab. <br />
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I understand your concern regarding the "secret formula" aspect, my friend, and am working hard to get a definitive answer as to its contents. The company's packaging says Kronic contains: "a unique blend of all natural, organic extracts and concentrates" and although I am not naiive enough to be sucked in by such terminology (cyanide is "natural" and Dioxin poisons are "organic") I believe this does provide a significant clue.<br />
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The best information I could get from the Western Australian Government Chemical Laboratories was that Kronic was "in the same group of chemicals as GHB". This refers, of course, to Gamma Hydroxbutyric acid, sometimes known as "liquid ecstacy", which is used medically to treat sleep disorders, depression and alcoholism. It is a naturally-occuring substance within the bodies of most mammals and its pharmacology is well-documented, although its use is regulated almost globally and restricted to medical applications.<br />
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But we know how it goes... restrict the use of a psycho-active or hallucinogenic drug that people like to use socially, and governments create black markets -with all their attendant evils of high prices, the criminalisation of users, huge profits for organised crime, and corruption of government officials.<br />
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What I believe the developers of Kronic have done is to capitalise on someone's pharmacological research and produced a GHB 'analogue' that binds to the same brain-receptors as GHB.<br />
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Congratulations on achieveing a state of being that is sustainable without drugs, dubkebab! A laudable achievement indeed!

well,mate-no one can accuse you of being brainfried! some very succint points you make here.<br />
yes,the Kronic is obviously not PCP-maybe just a bit of doper humour on my part...but still-such long lasting effects are rarely found in the plant kingdom,unless chemicaly refined ad infinitum.It sets off warning bells for me-especially where youth and drug interactions are concerned.I wish this company would offer SOME sort of accountability where this product is concerned-it sounds superstrong,and no studies at all have been cited on their site.<br />
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I am far from naive concerning Marijuana-I grew up in the drug culture (hippie parents) and in my day I have consumed,grown and lobbied for safe acess to this beneficial ethnogen.Today it's our #1 cash crop in California and the citizens agree that the drug laws should reflect this.It's medicinal,spiritual and recreational uses are multifaceted and ancient.Anyone selling buds impregnated with glass(sounds like mythical media hysteria to me) are criminals of the sort black markets encourage and should be made to suck their own tainted product.Heavy laborers the world over have used it with few negative effects-though I was referring more to the miners using it on their day off-heavy machinery and the bud often don't mix well.<br />
I myself am a recovering addict and alcoholic,so luckily for me I no longer indulge in any mood or mind altering substances. I appreciate your thoughtful response-good luck to you.

Thank You for your comment and your advice, dubkebab. I assure you that I am exercising caution.<br />
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Your comment about the fact you'd "rather have hardworking miners toking up on some herb than bingeing on some molecule which could lead to crippiling brain imparement" is interesting and instructive. I guess it outs you as a marijuana user, perhaps even an advocate (or even an apologist). <br />
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Given that clinical trials over many years have shown that cannabis can significantly impair concentration, coordination and awareness, I am damned certain I don't want to work at any minesite operated by a bunch of pot-heads -nice and laid-back though they would be. And given that no such clinical trials have been conducted into whether Kronic has a similar range of impairment effects, I think it is a little early to judge between them.<br />
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Further, your characterisation of cannabis as "some herb" is awfully naiive in these days of hydroponically-grown, hormonally-charged marijuana, which has been linked to everything from psychoses to the development of male breast tissue and even of male breast cancer. Some cannabis producers are reportedly spraying their plants with a solution of powdered glass, in order to mimic the look of "crystalline" THC It is no longer the simple hemp plant it once was.<br />
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Lastly, Kronic is *not* PCP, which is universally banned, while Kronic is distributed legally. The fact that a company is marketing Kronic openly is actually a good indicator that the producers have done their research and have had scientific advice that -taken in the moderate doses advised on the packaging- it will have no long-term deleterious effects on the human brain or body.

I would really care about ingesting such a potent chemical-I am especially leery of the "secret formula"<br />
and a company who seems to be in the game to make a quick buck (or many!) the effects you describe are more akin to PCP can any sort of cannabinoid and longterm effects from such substances are not pretty.I know from personal experience-having done neary any drug you could name.I favor drug education and full legalisation,this is a public health issue rather than a criminal one.I would much rather have hardworking miners toking up on some herb than bingeing on some molecule which could lead to crippiling brain imparement...your stories about this are funny and well written,and I'm glad you are adressing your pain-but I would advocate caution when dealing with unknown psychoactive compounds-there are many other safer options than risking brainfry.