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Kronic 3 - Chronic Use?

OK, so I am not doing double-blind, controlled trials or anything –in fact, I am my own guinea-pig- but I am still intent on reporting about this drug in a semi-scientific way and, after a week of daily “therapeutic” use of Kronic to ameliorate  my pain, it is time to make some observations.
The first is that I have apparently developed a degree of tolerance to the substance. In the beginning, just a few crumbs of Kronic were enough –in concert with my prescription medication- to allow me long periods of relief from my chronic nerve pain. Now, a week later, the same effect requires a dose of half a moderate cone-full –perhaps three times as much as the initial dose.
At the lower dose, I found Kronic to act as a slight appetite suppressant; my tummy felt quite content to remain empty.  But larger doses seem to have brought out the familiar munchies effect. I note that my feelings of hunger are often accompanied by intense visual images of what exactly I wish to eat, and of detailed stages of its preparation.  These images continue to invade my mind with increasing frequency until I am no longer able to concentrate on the task at hand, and am compelled to construct and consume the meal about which I have been obsessing. Unlike cannabis-inspired  munchies, however, I don’t crave sugary, salty or fatty foods when using Kronic.
My Sudoku average has taken a major hit in this last week, which I take as evidence that my ability to concentrate whilst under the influence of Kronic is significantly impaired. It seemed that my bodily sensations dominated my consciousness to the extent that abstract thought seemed dull and pointless. Why was I sitting there doing a Sudoku, when I could be doing something else, like dancing?
Along with the higher dose now required to treat my pain has come an intensification of all of Kronic’s effects on my system as I have previously reported them. I still feel a strong sense of stimulated relaxation, and a complete lack of anxiety. And my body continues to reward me with waves of tingly flushes, elevated to a sometimes alarming degree. And instead of being “post-orgasmic” sensations, as I described them in my first Kronic story, the higher-dose physical flushes are more productive of desire than of satisfaction. In short, at my current dose, the drug is decidedly an aphrodisiac.
So, where to next for this series of self-experiments?  I will continue to monitor my “therapeutic” use, to establish whether the required effective dose continues to increase, thus deepening my tolerance to the drug, and raising the issue of a possible dependency. Though I have no intention of testing the upper limits of dosage in an effort to induce some of the ‘wilder’ reported effects of Kronic, such as ‘out-of-body’ experiences and hallucinations. I am 20 years too old for that particular experiment.
In fact, I think I will have a Kronic-Free-Day today. I have saved some of my prescription medication, which I will use to try to deal with my pain for 24 hours. The aim, of course, is to observe my Kronic-free state closely, to establish whether or not I have developed a dependency, either physical or psychological.
This amateur pharmacologist continues his series of experiments, and will report again soon.
amberdextrous amberdextrous 51-55, M 11 Responses Apr 22, 2011

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Many properly-conducted scientific research programs develop out of "anecdotal evidence", Areyan, so I would certainly not dismiss your report of your friend's improved levels of happiness since using Kronic. I am sure the active ingredient may be useful in a range of 'clinical' settings. I have reported my own relief from nerve-pain to the manufacturers, and suggest you do the same with regard to your friend's apparent relief from depression.<br />
<br />
I am glad to read that your experience with using Kronic has been as pleasant and as positive as my own.

Kronic is great and i'm happy to have found an alternative to the illegal stuff if only because it remains illegal. that's my biggest issue with that, not that i'm complaining. i tried Kronic the other day and i was so impressed with the results that i went and got my own (from our local dairy, lol) and i'm still enjoying the flavour and a nice, clean buzz. <br />
<br />
i can say that i continue to eat well while smoking it as well (not eating junk food or craving that) but i haven't experienced the ocd-type food preparation ideas you have felt yet... lol, very entertaining information by the way. ;) i'm just feeling good about having some natural enjoyment from herbal substances without feeling like i'm breaking the law and i guess that's where a lot of folks who enjoy weed can benefit. the only sad thing i feel is that weed doesn't seem to be any more or less harmful than Kronic. i will continue to smoke Kronic if it causes me no problems because it does lift me enough in a way to be an enjoyable experience that feels relaxing. <br />
<br />
thanks for sharing your experiments and results with us, i've been keen to see how it affects different people. i have one friend who has become a different man since he replaced weed with Kronic and is a far happier version of himself than i've seen in years. perhaps it is just anecdotal but i'm not the only friend who has noticed his change in happiness levels these days.

Certainly, Kurz, some varieties of hemp -used for thousands of years to make rope and fabric- also produce lots of the active chemical in marijuana called THC. This survives the cooking process. And I am pleased to read that cookies, etc, are sold openly in your country, regardless of the hypocrisy of the loophole in the law that allows it. As long as the result is tasty and effective, the end seems to justify that fishy smell about the means.<br />
<br />
Hi Clarkee. I have not yet built my Kronic Free Day notes into a coherent narrative, but will do so in time, and post it as the next installment.<br />
<br />
I think you are right about things working best in the mornings, if one assumes the standard human night-time sleep pattern. I guess after seven or eight hours' sleep, the active ingredients of your preferred intoxicant are likely to have dropped below detectable levels (though this was not so with Kronic, for the first few days). So that first smoke has the effect of re-intoxicating the user.<br />
<br />
Your last point about customisation of the dosage is a very important one. I know I, for one, don't always want to feel the same levels of intoxication, depending on how I intend to spend my time.

how was your day off kronic dex? it sounds very similar to pot the way it works and then doesnt work because of building up tolerance. i find that if i lay off it for a while the beneficial effects become apparent again. it always works best in the morning. i like this about pot because its so easy to customize the dose.

Oh wait are we talking about hemp here...? <br />
<br />
OOO i remember seeing cookies etc made from it at craft shows (here in Toronto) lol totally right in your face wow !... <br />
Idont get the hypocrisy here *gets a squinty eyed /far away look* hmmm. <br />
Something smells fishy lol...<br />
<br />
LOL thats hilarious, i just came up with that green genie similie, seemed pretty fitting :)<br />
<br />
Hugs, K.

LOL the green genie!<br />
<br />
You bet you can eat pot! Cookies and brownies are probably the most popular, but I have had cakes, ommelettes, stir-fries and stews containing the noble herb. Probably the longest continuing tradition of ingesting cannabis is from the ancient Indian custom of drinking *bhang*, which is a fermented milk-and-marijuana drink. So don't think that you absolutyely have to damage your lungs to take it. The general rule is that eating and/or drinking the herb requires twice as much as smoking would, but lasts for twice as long.<br />
<br />
Your 'green genie' comment reminds me of the way we used to describe the effects of eating our cannabis: the Grin from Within.

Ok thank you dear for the words of wisdom, i had no idea i could eat it o_O lol<br />
<br />
...i think he does smoke it so i would in all likelyhood follow the lead...<br />
<br />
I will let you know, and since i am pretty paranoid already oh boy i better have him and i in a safe/calm and definitely hidden from the public place when my first encounter with the green genie takes place ! :D

It is important to be with people you trust when you are experimenting with mind-altering substances for the first time, K. It is not at all unusual for pot-users to feel a little confused, even paranoid, until they are able to relax and enjoy the pleasant bit.<br />
<br />
I suggest you pace yourself -use only a little at a time, and gauge its effects. If you are going to eat your pot, remember that it often takes a lot longer for the drug to enter your system through your stomach, so don't make the mistake of thinking you haven't had enough and so have to eat some more... you could easily end up having a bit too much, and feeling sick.<br />
<br />
Talk to your date about it, and make sure he is not going to make things worse for you if you have a less-than-ideal reaction to the drug.<br />
<br />
Good luck!

oh dear me too thank you Amber! :)<br />
<br />
I am dating a guy who gets his from folks who are legitimate and gov ok growers due to health issues so it's pretty good quality, soil grown and all.<br />
<br />
so i told him i want to try some :P <br />
oh, i should mention that for our next date itineraly ROFL...!!!<br />
oh boy, am i in over my head here?....i do trust him, mostly hehe...

Thanks for reading and commenting, K, and for your continued interest in my research project.<br />
<br />
I do hope you manage to solve your own supply problem soon, and that your own experiments are pleasantly successful!

A~ i look forward to this tale's unfolding.<br />
<br />
..i am still waiting for my safe/proper weed ROFL ...:P <br />
<br />
*hugs* K.