I tried MDMA for the third time on Saturday. I keep posting my experiences on here because each and everyone is so eventful that I want to share it with the world!

I went to a rave (for the first time ) with my friend and her boyfriend. We had to take a bus all the way downtown and it took an hour and a half. We were dressed pretty vibrantly and had to catch the bus at the mall. We were just sitting, waiting when we heard behind us "Mollies are bad for you..." we turned around and some dumb kid smoking a cigarette and said it. We just shook our head and ignored him, but after he said "They make holes in your brain." I was so irked by him because who is he to judge!

So when we finally get there, it wasn't what we expected it. There was a huge area of grass where a couple circle of people were sprawled out. Outside there was two DJ booths. Inside there weren't more than a handful of people. Another DJ stage inside. It was only 8 so we wanted to see if the party would pick up a bit.

Me and my friend went into the bathroom and soon enough, a girl looks at me and says "OMG you're so pretty!" I smile and thank her and ask if she's rolling. She was. I explained that I wasn't yet but immediately got the urge when I saw how much fun she was already having. We decided to just take them.

We had two. We wanted to take one at that moment and save the other for later when the first started fading. We walked around for a bit waiting, and got pretty impatient. Some guy blew us up and it was pretty trippy. But still nothing yet. I tried dancing but I still felt uncomfortable. At one point I just decided to take the other one. I kept walking around from group to group, feeling kind of hyper and buzzed but nothing crazy. I remember seeing my coworker and freaking out (not in a bad way) I followed my friends around and then this other guy blew me up. I hugged him and told him I'd find him later. I remember he was really cute but I was still feeling uncomfortable.

A few days before the rave I added some DJ from the event page and we started talking on Facebook. We agreed to meet at the rave. I finally mustered up the courage to say hello to him. He just put his arm around me and let me hit his blunt. After we sat and talked for a while. He told me to come on stage and dance during his set. Then he got pretty busy and had to go do his thing.

I don't quite remember how but I found that one guy that blew me up again. We sat on the grass and just started talking and hit it off. He had a Vick's inhaler and I took a whiff and it felt like pure heaven. At this point I was already feeling euphoric, energetic, and ridiculously carefree. At one point I remember asking him if he had a girlfriend. He explained that he was there with his friends and ex girlfriend; they had just broken up cause he cheated on her. I had a somewhat similar situation. Then what I said next I almost couldn't believe "So I guess I can't kiss you then..." He responded rather well, suggesting to go inside where we wouldn't be seen by his ex. So we went inside, he sat on the couch and I sat on his lap and we started kissing, God if felt amazing. I didn't care if people were watching, we were having a moment.

Sadly we parted ways after he blew me up one more time. I think his friend came to sit next to us and he couldn't see us kissing. I went outside toward the stage my DJ friend was at. He got kind of peeved cause he saw me making out with the guy but I didn't care. I started to dance when this beautiful girl came over and said "Play with my hair..." which I did. Then we started dancing. And she started getting really close. At this point I could feel the eyes of some guy next to us GAWKING, waiting for us to kiss. Not gonna lie, I wondered if it'd happen too. After we got on these platforms next to the stage and started dancing. I, for the life of me, would never have the nerve to do that sober, but while rolling I felt completely confident. The DJ called me onto the stage where I danced on a platform behind him and the others. But I was the only girl, and it felt amazing. I wanted to look for my friends after a while and when I went to tell the DJ, I gave him a small kiss.

I found the girl I was dancing with in the bathroom. She was freaking out, having a bad trip. I led her outside cause the bathroom was tiny and pretty claustrophobic. I gave her some water and bought her a lolipop and one for myself. After that we started dancing again. She started feeling better. Aside from the fact that this guy kept following around, not leaving her alone. We just lied and said her and I were going out and to back off. At one moment we went to sit on the grass and we kissed. But by this time she had lost interest with me and found some guy to make out with.

The rest of the night was spent hopping between the DJ and the one guy I made out with. I got on stage again and dance, then I'd go sit and talk to the guy. We actually talked for a while, and he was really sweet. I remember I was in the middle of a sentence and he just kissed me and said 'sorry.' I thought it was so sweet.

Throughout the whole night the friends I was with were freaking out about our ride. With good reason because he was taking forever, not answering our calls but when he did he was drunk and said he needed time to sober up. We sat around for a long while waiting. My friend's were cuddling and I was just sitting alone. Then some guy came over to me and said it looked like I needed company. We started talking and he mentioned how he was the DJ's friend and asked if I was with him cause he saw us walking around holding hands. Then he proceeded telling how he had a girlfriend, that's why he was shocked to see us holding hands. What the actual ****. We talked for a while about how sleazy people at raves usually are and he commended me for being different. He asked for a kiss and I felt bad cause he was nice so I did it.

They kicked everyone out at 3 and my friend soon came after. He was still pretty hammered but I talked him up so he wouldn't fall asleep or anything. I ended up getting home at 4 in the morning. I can't tell you the amount of people that added me on Facebook the next day and how many guys have been blowing up my phone. It's a bit overwhelming cause it was my first rave and I'm not use to all the attention. It was an eventful night to say the least but I loved it! Only downside was the inside of my right cheek was destroyed even though I had a pacifier, gum, and lolipops to chew on.
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That's mdma. It makes you feel connected to the world, connected to the people, connected to the fricking universe... And that's why we love it. Rave on