Mdma Is Not Cool

I did it. I liked it. Alot of people i knew liked it so i bought a half zone. Ended up doing it for 13 days straight. It was a Bad idea. My personality isnt the same. Its been a year and i still dont feel the same as i once was. I lost alot of my creativity and drive in playing music because of it. So be careful n dont end up like me!
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Maybe if you had been smart about it and not done it for 13 days straight you wouldn't think it sucks.

You abused it and paid for it. So in my opinion, it's not the MDMA that sucks, it's you.

Upon MDMA, one experiences a pronounced lucidity and emotional perception, one can touch inside, perceive others and your own deep feelings. So much is unveiled.
When one's going down, one feels a strong urge to not lose access to this perception. It's a sensation of despair. Can you please understand it? He was just too weak, it was wrong but judging leads no where.

The biggest problem with it is the withdrawals. Depression is so bad. I loved it, felt so enlightened by it, but over time it absolutely ruined everything for me.

I don't like the hangover much other. But I space out the rolls and never redose and never do two nights in a row. Sensible usage saves you a lot of headaches.

Doing it 13 days straight was really stupid. I'm surprised you managed to hold out so long.

hey yer i have a large group of friends who have changed now they have started doing it

as fun as it is you need to remember how ecstasy works and then you will figure out that your not Achilles having fun you brain if just drugged up

What is it?

It's also known as ecstasy, it was originally developed as a psychiatric drug. Now it's mostly used recreationally.

Get your facts straight! It was originally synthesized in Germany in 1912 by scientists looking for a drug to prevent abnormal bleeding. The US Army explored its effects in rats. Shulgin was one of the first to publish a paper describing its psychoactive properties.