My Wedding Dress

I have tried on wedding dresses while dressed as a woman. It was so very exciting and at the same time so very feminine and fullfilling. The first time I went into a bridal shop dressed as a woman, I tried on an evening dress and felt so exhilerated at the sight of myself in the mirror. There was no one else in the shop and the sales woman was very transgenderd friendly. It was a little black dress that fit me so wonderfully. That same day, I went to another bridal shop and met a young woman who helped me get into the wedding dress I was trying on, and was very tg friendly. It was one of the most feminine feelings I have ever had  in my life. It was a like a dream come true to see myself as a woman getting married. The girl was younger than myself and noticed too my anticipation. She was so wonderful and knew that I probably was not going to actually buy the dress, but that did not matter. She was so into it too and made me feel so welcome. I have done this a couple of times since then and the sensation is always the same. I do wish to one day but myself a wedding dress and have some photographs of myself taken wearing it. What better way to complete a womans portfolio and desire than to be a bride. Perhaps it may be just a fantasy, but his woman hopes for it to become a reality some day. We girls do dream and dreams do come true. I wish my dress to be traditional and with lots of sexy lace. It should have a nice train and either be white or a candleglow color. I love long sleeves and a tapered bodice. I would wear matching 4" heels and pantyhose. To be continued...........................  

fayeanneleigh fayeanneleigh
51-55, T
Mar 7, 2010