I Like Wearing Womens Clothing

Ever since I confessed to my girlfriend that I like women's clothes, she has encouraged me to fulfill my fantasy. Last weeked we spent the weekend shopping and dressing up. She picked out clothes for me to wear from her closet and panty collection. It was so exciting that after I was in full dress....I fulfulled her fantasy of having sex with her. It was amazing what can happen when sharing fantasies and being who you want to be. I am a straight guy who likes to wear womens clothing. I do it for me, and I do it for her.
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I did same thing years ago. But didn't marry her

I have only started wearing women panties about 6 months ago. I wish I started 20 years ago when i was about 8. I go women stores to buy my panties, now. I have become very open about to the salesladies. Sometime when there are women customers in they like to come over and help to. I love the attention that I'm getting. It make me feel very special that everyone is wanting to help me get the right panties. You go into a men's store to look around and you are lucky if you get a hi out of them and to get them to come over and help you is nearly impossible. I get most of my panties at VS and one day one of the girl working there asked me out. About 2 weeks ago I was out shopping with her and saw some skorts. I told her that I like them and if she would like to wear them. She looked ant them and said that they would probably look better on me. the saleslady told me that they might and to go try them on. I timidly came out of the dressing room with them on and they both agreed that I look good in them. we went there to pick out some clothes for my girlfriend and we spend over an hour the and she said she wanted to be the one to pay for me first women's outerwear. We left with me 3 pair or skorts 2 pair of regular shorts and 5 pair of the short tight fitting shorts. I don't know what they are called. If only seen them on women dancers. and nothing for my girlfriend. She took me to Old Navy and bought me 6 girly t-shirts.

Great story, I liked it.<br />
I have for years worn SILK LINGERIE under my suit, I love it.<br />
I sometimes wear LONG SILK NIGHTIES when I go to bed

That is so sad that your girlfriend is gone. <br />
If "dressing up" makes you feel good. Keep doing it, you will find someone...just be honest with him or her and you will be rewarded!<br />
Love, <br />

Hi there dont let your alterego go dont know why you split up, but be true to yourself.<br />
This does not make you gay or mean that you want to be a woman, you are just in touch with your femining side.<br />
<br />
I too like womens clothes, but also like performing so I married the two together and became a drag artist. I have a wife & two lovley kids one which is a boy, the kids find it funny when daddy is practicing for gigs and my wife is looking fwd to the ladies night going to be putting on, and even looking fwd to getting dolled up herself with over the top make up & daring clothing.<br />
PS <br />
please keep alterego ive been there when you think what am i doing, then years down the line saw an advert for drag artist, that was it I decided to go into the drag business as away of 1 xrpessing my love for womens clothing 2 like I said b4 I like performing so go together like bread & butter. maybe if your having doubts try doing something like this.<br />
<br />
buy make up etc of ebay till get confidence to get from shop & youtube drag tutorials on make up are great thats how i learned. Good luck and keep in touch think im becoming a bit of an agony aunt on this site.

Sounds like you have a good women good for the both of you

Thats good that you do it for your self and that you shaired with your girl friend and she was accepting of you wearing female clothing ............ Wish the best for you

That is quite extraordinary, and very cool!