Dressing With Another Tv

I was invited to meet another TV and crossdress about ten years ago. The trip was about 3 hours. Stephanie loved all in ones and corsets so I packed several to show her. I dressed in bra, girdle panties and stockings shorts and a loose top. It was warm and humid ......good thing for AC in the car. Stopped for a cup of coffee and gassed the car up. After a couple of hours in the car I stopped to stretch. Finally, got to where I was headed and found Stephanie's house number. Grabbed by bag and handbag and walked to the front door to ring the bell.

Stephanie answered the door in a black negligee. She was rather busty and shorter than me. We introduced ourselves. and she hugged me. She had nice legs and was slim. Stephanie had the AC on in the house and the cool air felt nice. She said what's in the bag? You said you love corsets and all in ones so I brought a few to show you. She smiled and offered a seat on the couch. She was perhaps, 12 to 15 years younger than me.

She brought me a cold drink and I opened the bag. I could tell she was excited as her eyes opened and I showed her the foundation garments. Those are nice she exclaimed.

We had a little girl talk and said lets change into something more comfortable. I went into a bedrroom and changed my lingerie and slipped into a short dress and heels. Combed my hair and put on a daingly pair of earrings. When I came out of the room Stephanie had changed her outfit too. We chatted a while and asked if I was ready for lunch. Sure, I said.

After lunch we changed outfits again and Stephany was very excited. She did have a nice combination of outfits. Being shorter and smaller, her outfits were too small to fit me After some more conversation, it was now late afternoon. I thought I should change and pack to leave soon as I had quite a drive back home. I told her and went back to the bedroom to change. Came out and we hugged goodbye. Back on the road with all I brought.

Some time later I heard from Stephanie. Her work was taking her to Florida. Moving is never fun. I wrote and wished her well on her next job and the move. Never heard back from her after her move
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bummer that had to move