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... I never buy any clothes without trying them on first.  The way women's sizes are, I can't even be sure within a full size if a dress or blouse will really fit.... it's just totally crazy... I mean it... why can't they get some kind of Standards for Sizes....

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Believe it or not, they DO have standard sizes BUT (and here's where it gets difficult) those sizes are ba<x>sed on body types. The patterns change to fit the various types. Look around you and take a close look at the MANY different body types women have. So designers tend to focus in on certain body types. Others, other types. Then you get into vanity. Look at a size ten now and a size 10 from the 1940's. The 40's dress looks like a size TWO!! I hear you asking, but how could this happen? Vanity! The better, higher-end clothes designers want their customers to feel good about themselves so the clothes are more generously proportioned (1/2 up to a full size bigger!). That way the customer claims she is a size smaller than what she actually is. Over time, this creep in sizes have made the 40's 10 into a today's 2. <br />
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So, is there a way around it? Yes, do what you are doing now OR find a clothing designer that you like and stick with them. Sizes are consistent from the same designer.

She thinks it's entirely appropriate that I dress as a woman.... duh.

I bet you look sexy dressed as a woman! What does your girlfriend think though?

It is crazy. Dresses and shoes mainly. I think the manufactures don't talk. <br />
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Dresses are a real pain, and I luv 'em. Skirts and blouses are a bit easier to fit nicely. Shoes can be at least one size different either way depending on the manufacturer.<br />
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With a small bust and wide hips, it's a mismatch. Plus I have been loosing weight too. It can be frustrating, but it also fun shopping and trying things on.<br />
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So not much buying unless it is perfect. Well, that's me anyway.<br />
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I understand you, loud and clear.

Yeah, no two of us are made the same, and no two DRESS MANUFACTURER makes their stuff the same.......

Yep... There are several different sizes in my closet too-they all fit, and I have not gained, OR lost any weight... Ok, so I've lost two pounds... But I think it is because no two of us are made the same. Frustrating doesn't even begin to describe it!

there is no way around it, you have to try it on!

I don't know... I think different fabrics fit differently too. Some cling more while other hang. But when it comes to jeans? Oh forget it! I have 3 different sizes hanging in my closet right now that are different brands but fit me about the same. (The way I like them to fit.) Weird! I always wear the same shoe size! WTF?!?!

That's it exactly, Lala....

I hate that, being one size in one shop and another in's like, did I really lose 14lbs walking next door or did I add 14lbs by just looking at those burgers...grr

no no.... sorry mcninja, you are so clearly NOT a buyer of female clothing.... I mean that a size 8 in one dress has very little to do with the size 8 in another.... and the same is true with continental or brit designers too.... it's ******* frustrating!

So true!!!! The sizes indicated only give the most general idea of how it will actually fit.... totally crazy!