Dressing Up Box

I have a suit case in the loft of my house. It comes out when my wife goes away for a few days. I love all the garments that I have stashed in there, each has something special. I have a green long flowy hippy skirt, a short brown leather skirt, white flared trousers, a white satin slip, a black spider web top and a very tight pair of skinny fit jeans. I can pair these things up with other stuff in my wardrobe to make up an outfit.


The strange thing is, I used to have a corset in my secret box, but it's now in my wadrobe. I recently wore it to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I told my wife I found it in a second hand (charity) shop. Of all the things in my secret box the corset must be the most..... well the hardest thing to admit to..... I think. Yet the rest of the box is still secret.

Why can't I tell her?

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One thing about being a cross dresser is you dont have a problem keeping a secret.You whant to wear your wifes lingerie nothing wrong in that.Its not something thats going to hapen over night.Do you have payshants you will need them.You no your wife best, you will need to test the water,Do you ever buy here lingerie and how often, next time buy here your size not heres take note of here reaction or coments. Never underestimate whats going through here mind.She will pick up on your interest in here undeis. just keep taking things foward bit by bit, you wont have to tell here any thing volentry, she will start asking all the questeions.It took me about 6 months to cover the cause and enjoyed a better sex life after that.Pat

hey. i threw out my whole collection when i got married also. how did you keep her from finding it? i have no idea how to tell my wife that i want to wear her lingerie. any ideas?

Sorry, but I have no magic fix ideas. The only thing that I would advise anyone is being honest from the start. By that I mean being honest to your self and her. Good luck, and let up know how you get on.

Thank you Pat X

Its not easy keeping a secret does she no yet.I kept it for 25 years from my wife.In them days it was a lot harder to talk about wearing panties and things.You are still young these days it comes as no suprise to girls about men wearing womans clothing.let me no if I can help you any more.Pat.

You should talk to her tell how you feel

was she ok with you wearing the corset to the rocky horror show? if so she might be ok with you wearing it and other things round the house.

Yes a corset and waist slip is a very pretty combination.

you could put on the corset one night for a bit of fun with her see if she reacts well from there you could slowly move things on adding bits to your fun nights maybe she will get into it too and encourage you if not its back to the secret box

Yes if she objects you could put the corset on her and say if she's naughty you will just strap her into it more tightly!

We have been together 15 years, half her lifetime. When we got together I completely lost the urge to dress and threw everything out. About 5 years ago the urge started coming back. I don't know why I want to, I don't know why it came back. So I bought myself a pair of shoes and it's snowballed from there. <br />
Reading other peoples experiences here on E.P. has made alot of sense of things, but I'm still confused and how can I explain something to someone else when I can't make sense of it for myself?

Sounds to me as if you're afraid of the repercussions. "What would she think of me - would she leave me?"<br />
Be warned, fear is a trap; a prison of it's own making.<br />
So you must choose whether you wish to remain married (possible) and imprisoned or do you want freedom. If your wife is truly open-minded, you might just be surprised at the result.<br />
Meanwhile, I must ask you: why did you not tell her about this fetish before you were married, or else why do you still entertain it?