10 Reasons Y People Shouldn' Get Whipped Any More

2. think how produtive people would be without endless mins of being spanked, we might of got to the moom by 1709
3. Washington didn't get spanked, and he made a global super power
4.Every kid in Sparta got spanked, and, well they went on a murderous rampage every day
5. since i'm christan, i have some part of me egyptian, and i have to celebrate king tuts birthday, and since u cant spank a kid on one of those days, and since theres a 1/365 chance that everyday could be king tuts birthday, we have to celebrate every day so we don't get it wrong
6.adults are as much trouble makers as we are, so they should get spanked also, not the creppy kind
7.Maybe small pox came because they spank us, they didn't stop doing it so we don't know worth a try...
8. every one was either a drunk, or a robber in the 1800's, and they got spanked all day...
9.chuck norris never got spanked, and he's the god of awesomeness
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Silliness except 1 and 10 which are the same, but understandable. Kids never like getting spanked, it's painful and embarrassing. As females go through puberty some like it or at least are turned on because of being forced to be submissive and endorphins released in the same nerve center as their primary sexual organs.

Good speech!