I always went to a private school. I have been bullied since the 2nd grade and I told my family and they told me that they were jealous of my beauty when they went into the other room they said I don't believe she fell for that she is the ugliest kid I know and then they figured out in the 3rd grade I was cutting myself and when I was in the middle of 3rd grade I attempted my first suicide attempt and they yelled at me for it saying I was so selfish how could I think about that they need me to cook and clean since then I have tried to commit suicide 10 time and got the same response from my family the last time they said they would help me next time because they don't love me and never have that hurt me so bad I hated it so much the people at my school told me to kill myself and I got so depressed I am so lost and have no clue what to do I am done!
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Bullying has such a negative impact on those affected and i for one know how you feel. You must try and show others you can be stronger than this.

I know I'm trying!

Always remember that bully's only go after those they believe are weak and i know your not weak and can show them they are wasting their time.


your very welcome stay strong ok

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Your parents and the people that tell you to kill yourself are terrible. If my parents said that about me i would report it to the police.

Listen...if u take other peoples opinions of who or what u r u r giving them YOUR power! People that treat other people like garbage are people that feel like garbage themselves and r trying to bring everybody else down with them. YOU are not one of them, u will NOT define yourself by the words from someone else's mouth-YOU will be the amazing girl that u r and will not lower yourself to their level! 🙅💁 if ur family r seriously treating u like that u need to confide in a teacher or counselor bcuz that is seriously crazy business and u don't deserve to have ur mind poisoned by dysfunctional people.