When I was 14, I was in a very ''dark time''. I've been diagnosted with depression and i have social anxiaty. It's very hard for me to make friends because im scared to get close to people. To this day, I still take anti-depressants (prozac). So when i was 14, my dad was always very drinking and mean. He would tell me that i was an accident, i ruined his life and that he hated me. My mom was never around cause she worked alot. My brother would always make mean comments about my weight and how ugly i was. My step dad was just a cheating bastard. I had no friends at school because everyone thought i was a freak. I would see psychiatrics and miss school alot because i would get too scared. I cut myself alot and its very hard to not go get the blade again. And one night i just got so sick, i just had enough. I told my mom i wanted to kill myself but shr just rolled her eyes and told me to get ober it. I used to have alot of panic attacks but that night i had the worst one ive ever had. I was shaking, hyperventalating, i couldnt move or think straight. I trashed my room and grabed my bottle of prozac and ran outside. My step dad saw me and didnt do anything. I thought i was alone but then someone grabed me and took me back home. I was breathing so fast that i was about to pass out and i was yelling to the person to let me go because i was so scared. After that everything got black. I woke up later, in the hospital. My mom called the police and they brang me there. They gave me calming meds and i had a blackout so its hard to remember but everything was going so fast. When i woke up my family had gotten home. I had never felt so alone, and sad. Ive tried killing myself a few times again but im getting better. Nobody is probably reading this but if you are, just remember to always stay strong because its not worth all the **** you have to go throught after. Just stay strong. Xx
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I am so sorry. I am glad you are alive and here.

Stay strong beautiful, always here to talk x

I'm so sorry stay strong ❤

Thank you dear <3