Ok ...

So I just saw this person post an experience about them being in the hospital because they tried to commit suicide .

How stupid can our society be ? 😒

To Be Honest with all of you , I've tried to commit suicide once ... But guess what ? I don't post anything of that on the Internet or any social media 🙅 I keep that Kind of stuff to myself 😒

And actually right now I'm fighting through depression . Wanna know why ? Because I have asked for help 😒

All you people posting statuses on any social media about how you tried to commit suicide , and pictures of your cuts need to stop ✋ you are influencing other people to do it too 👎 and that's not good 🙅 you're making people think it's cool to do it , when it actually isn't 😒 in my opinion it's bs that people cut themselves 🔪🙅 you are waiting a perfect body condition just because of temporary emotions 😒

But ayyee 😏 i cant control you guys 😒 so whatever then * sticks out middle finger *
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Posting details of a suicide attempt on social media doesn't glamorise suicide.

technically you just did post something about it... And its not "Bs" that people selfharm because sometimes they dont have another way to control deep and real emotions that are not just "temporary". People post stuff like that because maybe that is their way of calling out for help..

An interesting opinion. People shouldn't try to cut themselves. People shouldn't be depressed. People shouldn't ever fall sick.
But... it happens. And we have to help them work through it, telling them they're stupid or wasteful isn't going to help. Yes I want people to stop cutting themselves, but I sincerely doubt shaming them is going to help anyone. It's a crazy thing to imagine for most, but sometimes it just seems to be a way out.

Thanks for you opinion @silvercane & @isolatedwolf

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